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Refresh Data in Nuxt 3 by Watching Sources Using useAsyncData

Hi πŸ‘‹

I'm busy working on a blog post for my upcoming talk at Vue.js Live Conference.

While I don't have any big announcements to make this week, I'm always working on improving my content and finding new ways to serve my community. As always, I appreciate your feedback and welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Have a lovely week β˜€οΈ

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Nuxt Tip: Refresh Data by Watching Sources Using useAsyncData

Nuxt 3's useAsyncData() composable can be used within your pages, components, and plugins to get access to data that resolves asynchronously.

In many scenarios (pagination, filtering results, searching, etc.), you may need to refresh the data loaded from the API based on user action. You can use the refresh() method that is returned from the useAsyncData composable.

The refresh() method is also returned by the useFetch, useLazyFetch, and use useLazyAsyncData composables. For more information, check the official docs.

Example refreshing data using the refresh method

Let's take a look at a simple code example using refresh:

1<script setup lang="ts">
2const page = ref(1)
4const { data: posts, refresh } = await useAsyncData('posts',
5 () => $fetch('', {
6 params: {
7 page: page.value,
8 },
9 })
12function previous() {
13 page.value--
14 refresh()
17function next() {
18 page.value++
19 refresh()

By default, Nuxt waits until a refresh is finished before it can be executed again.

Example with watching params change

Nuxt provides an alternative for the refresh() method which I prefer: the watch option.

This built-in option watches a list of reactive sources and automatically reruns the fetcher function when any changes in these sources are detected.

Let's take a look at the above example using the watch option:

1<script setup lang="ts">
2const page = ref(1)
4const { data: posts } = await useAsyncData(
5 'posts',
6 () =>
7 $fetch('', {
8 params: {
9 page: page.value,
10 },
11 }),
12 { watch: [page] }
15function previous() {
16 page.value--
19function next() {
20 page.value++
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Until next week,

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