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#title Weekly Vue News #78 - Use Setup Stores in Pinia for More Flexibility #preview Ready for your weekly Vue & Nuxt dose?

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Use Setup Stores in Pinia for More Flexibility

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹

Don't panic. This is still the same newsletter, I'm still me. I just updated the design to make it sleeker and easier to read!

I now use mjml in combination with Nuxt Content which works like a charm.

Maybe you still have some styling problems with the code blocks but everything else should now look quite good on all email clients. If you still encounter any issues, please send me an email.

Thanks to 700+ subscribers and welcome to all the new subscribers. Only about 300 left until we reach the big milestone of 1000 subscribers ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I enjoyed last week's Vue.js Nation Conference, I hope you also enjoyed it and watched my lightning talk.

For me, these were the most important announcements:

Have a nice week โ˜€๏ธ

Pinia Tip: Use Setup Stores for More Flexibility๐Ÿ“บ Watch on YouTube

Besides Option Stores you can also use Setup Stores to define stores in Pinia. They bring more flexibility as you can create watchers within a store and freely use any composable.

Defining Setup Store

Just like the setup function in the Vue Composition API, a function that sets up reactive properties and methods can be passed, which will return an object containing the properties and methods that should be made available:

export const useCounterStore = defineStore('counter', () => {
const count = ref(0)
const doubleCount = computed(() => count.value * 2)
function increment() {
return { count, doubleCount, increment }

In Setup Stores:

  • ref()s become state properties
  • computed()s become getters
  • function()s become actions

When it comes to Vue's Composition API and Options API, select the one that you are most familiar with. If you are uncertain, start with the Option Stores.

Using Setup Store

At this point, we only defined the store but it won't be created until use...Store() is called inside of setup():

<script setup>
const store = useCounterStore()
<span>Counter: {{ store.count }}</span>
<span>Double Count: {{ store.doubleCount }}</span>
<button @click="store.increment">Increment</button>

The store object has been wrapped with reactive, so there is no need to include .value when using getters, but similar to props in setup, it cannot be destructured. You need to use storeToRefs() to destructure while keeping reactivity.

Bonus Tip

You can use composables that return writable state like VueUse useLocalStorage() directly within the state() function:

export const useCounterStore = defineStore('counter', () => {
const counterInfo = useLocalStorage('counterInfo', null)
return { counterInfo }

The same example using Option Store:

export const useCounterStore = defineStore('counter', () => {
state: () => ({
// ...
counterInfo: useLocalStorage('counterInfo', null),
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Until next week,

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