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Weekly Vue News - #68 - Change the Interpolation Delimiter

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Hi 👋

Since last week, Nuxt 3 is finally stable 🥳

I'm working on a new blog post about a ToC (Table of Contents) component for Nuxt Content v2.

Additionally, I'm experimenting with short video clips about my tips.

Here is an example:

Let me know what you think about these kind of videos.

Have a great week ☀️

Vue Tip: Change the Interpolation Delimiter

It is possible to adjust the delimiters used for text interpolation within the template.

This is typically used to avoid conflicting with server-side frameworks that also use mustache syntax.

The default delimiters are the double curly braces (called mustache syntax): {{ }}

We can change the delimiter in the config object of the application instance:

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👉🏻 Try it out

⚠️ Important

The compilerOptions config option is only respected when using the full build (i.e. the standalone vue.js that can compile templates in the browser).

If you are using the runtime-only build with a build setup, checkout the official docs.

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