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Weekly Vue News - #65 - Share Composable State Across Components

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Hi 👋

Last week I finally managed to deploy a static version of my portfolio website (developed with Nuxt 3) to Netlify.

This week I'll work on some bugfixes for and maybe I have time to start writing a new blog post. The next article will be about the Table of Contents component I developed for my portfolio website.

Have a great week ☀️

Vue Tip: Share Composable State Across Components

We create a new state on each function call if we define state in a Vue composable. But sometimes, we want to sync the composable state across components.

Let's take a look at a simple example:

Image created with

We define a simple reactive variable cart inside the useCart composable. Every time a component calls useCart, a new state is created.

The following Stackblitz includes a running demo. Click "Add to cart" on "Component 1" and "Component 2", and you can see that every component has it's own cart state:

Vue Share Composable State Across Components - StackBlitz Vue Share Composable State Across Components -

To keep the same state between every useCart instance, we need to lift he state up outside the function, so it's created only once:

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You can test it by yourself in the Stackblitz demo above: Click "Add to shared cart" on "Component 1" and "Component 2", and you can see that they now share the same state.

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