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Weekly Vue News - #63 - Securely unwrap a ref

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Vue Tip: Securely unwrap a ref

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Returns the inner value if the argument is a ref, otherwise return the argument itself.

unref is a sugar function for val = isRef(val) ? val.value : val.

A typical usecase are composables as they should accept both refs and primitive values as inputs.

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🛠️ Vuetensils

👉🏻 A 'naked' component library for building accessible, lightweight, on-brand applications.

👉🏻 Vuetensil's components are designed to be starting points for some of the most common UI features

JavaScript Tip: Create an array containing 1...N elements

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📕 The End of Programming

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🛠️ Axios v1.0.0

👉🏻 Axios v1.0.0 has landed after eight years, 100,000 stars, and a presence in thousands of projects

👉🏻 Interceptors are just one of the many features why many people prefer Axios over the Fetch API

🛠️ InboxSDK

👉🏻 A JavaScript library for building apps inside of Gmail with browser extensions.

👉🏻 It features a high-level declarative API that handles all DOM manipulation in a performant way.

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