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Weekly Vue.js News - #45 - Provide fallback content for slots

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Hi 👋

I'm still working on rewriting my portfolio with Nuxt 3. I will soon publish a new blog post about creating custom code blocks in Nuxt Content v2.

In this issue, I show you how to provide fallback content in Vue slots and how you can make large JavaScript numbers more readable using numeric separators. Additionally, you'll find some interesting articles and tools that will help you to become a better Vue developer!

Have a great week ☀️

Vue Tip: Provide fallback content for slots

There are cases when it's useful to specify fallback (i.e. default) content for a slot, to be rendered only when no content is provided.

A typical use case is a slot inside a <button> where we define a fallback if no text content is provided.

Vue News

How To Structure a Massive Vuex Store for a Production App How To Structure a Massive Vuex Store for a Production

👉🏻 Domagoj gives a deep dive into a store with 1,000+ properties

Coding Better Composables Coding Better

👉🏻 Michael Thiessen wrote this amazing tutorial series that will serve as your guide on how to craft solid composables that you and your team can rely on.

Building Vue components in TypeScript using Storybook Building Vue components in TypeScript using

👉🏻 Rob shows how easy it is to set up and test Vue components in isolation with Storybook


👉🏻 A custom Vue 3 renderer for Three.js

👉🏻 “Think of it like react-three-fiber for Vue.”

JavaScript Tip

Quote of the week

Tools & Misc

TypeScript Error Translator TypeScript Error

👉🏻 An extension for VS Code that translates TypeScript errors into human-readable language, right in your IDE.

Ninja Keys: Add a Command Palette / Keyboard Shortcuts Interface to Your App/Site

👉🏻 If you’ve used Cmd/Ctrl+K on GitHub or the command palette in tools like VS Code, this will feel familiar to you

👉🏻 Works with Vanilla JS, Vue, React or Svelte.

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