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Weekly Vue.js News - #43 - Update v-model after change events

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Hi 👋

This week’s Vue tip is about updating the v-model after change events.

Additionally, this issue includes a JavaScript tip about Promise.race and many other interesting hand-picked news about web development.

Have a great week ☀️

Vue Tip: Update v-model after change events

By default. the v-model syncs with the state of the Vue instance on every input event. The .lazy modifiert changes the v-model to only sync after change events.

Vue News

Vuestic 1.4.0: Open Source UI Library for Vue 3

👉 A library of more than 50 customizable components.

👉1.4.0 brings Nuxt 3 support plus new carousel and counter components.

Basic test setup with Cypress and Vitest

Markus shows how to set up a standard Vue project with Vite and add basic configuration for testing using Cypress.

JavaScript Tip: Use Promise.race to timeout a promise

The Promise.race() method returns a promise that fulfills or rejects as soon as one of the promises in an iterable fulfills or rejects, with the value or reason from that promise.

Web Development News

The JavaScript Modules Handbook

👉 A comprehensive guide for full stack JavaScript development.

👉 It has tons of code examples for how to import ES6 modules with Node.js, and how to bundle them using Webpack.

Use TypeScript to Reduce Your Unit Tests

Speed up your development time by reducing testing time.

Reflections on 10,000 Hours of Programming

Matt shares 31 lessons after 10,000 hours of programming.

Some key lessons are:

👉 Simple is hard

👉 Delete as much code as you can

👉 Syntactic sugar is usually bad

Quote of the week

Tools & Misc

🛠️ beautify-github-profile 🛠️

👉 This repository contains resources for building a better GitHub profile. 👉 The resources include badges, widgets, icons, and more.

🛠️ Playwright Can Now Test React, Vue and Svelte Components

👉 Playwright is Microsoft’s browser control library for Node.js

👉 It now allows to programatically test your components using all of Playwright's features using Playwright Test.

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