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Weekly Vue.js News - #33

Migrated Issue
Expect missing links and broken styling, as this issue has been migrated from my previous newsletter service.

Hi 👋

Last week I only worked on my freelance Vue projects but I started to collect ideas for a deep-dive article about Vue 3 Reactivity.

In this issue, I have curated a few interesting articles and tweets to help you in your journey to become a Vue expert.

I hope you will enjoy this weeks’ issue and if you have any feedback, please get in touch with me on Twitter - @mokkapps or via email:

Have a great week ☀️

Vue: Tip of the week

Vue Tip: Watch Nested Values Vue Tip: Watch Nested The watch options supports a dot-delimited path as key to watch nested values


Introducing FormKit: A Vue 3 form building framework Introducing FormKit: A Vue 3 form building

Justin Schroeder created FormKit – a “form building framework” for Vue 3 that he forked from a Vue 2 version of a similar library he created (Vue Formulate).

How to Use nextTick() in Vue How to Use nextTick() in

👉 Vue updates the DOM asynchronously.

👉 These events can be catched using Vue.nextTick() or vm.$nextTick() functions.

Helpful patterns I use in Vue

Brennan shares a bunch of useful Vue tips and patterns in this article.

Web Development Articles & Tweets

Announcing TypeScript 4.6 Announcing TypeScript

👉 Adds the es2022 target

👉 Allowing code in constructors before super()

👉 Improved recursion depth checks

👉 More syntax errors that can be detected in JavaScript files if using VS Code

👉 and more...

A Proposal For Type Syntax in JavaScript

The goal of this proposal is to enable developers to run programs written in TypeScript (or other static typing supersets of JavaScript) without any need for transpilation.

Design: #noFramework. Is it as hard as you think? Design: #noFramework. Is it as hard as you think?

👉 Jérôme discusses the idea of not using frameworks in development.

👉 He introduces alternatives to frameworks such as using standard APIs, libraries, templates, and other components.

Quote of the week

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