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Weekly Vue.js News - #27

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Hi 👋

Last week I investigated which tool I use to rewrite my portfolio page in Vue. Currently it is written in React using Gatsby.

I decided to wait until Nuxt 3 is production ready and will give it a try.

Additionally, I'm currently rewriting my Daily Standup Picker with Vue 3 and Pinia (currently written in Angular).

Have a great week ☀️


Vue Tip: Display Raw HTML Vue Tip: Display Raw The double mustaches interprets the data as plain text, not HTML. In order to output real HTML, you will need to use the v-html directive.

Vue 3 Composition API ? Nah, thanks. Vue 3 Composition API ? Nah,

This article proposes downsides of using the composition API and explains why the options API feels better with Vue 3.

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