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Weekly Vue.js News - #23

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Hi 👋

Last week I mainly worked on the Vue 3 project of my customer where I added unit test based on Jest to the project.

Have a great week ☀️


Vue Tip: Trigger Watcher Immediately Vue Tip: Trigger Watcher The watch hook provides an option that the callback is called immediately.

State of Vue by Evan You State of Vue by Evan

👉 Evan You discusses the state of Vue and the Vue ecosystem at the recent Nuxt Nation conference.

👉 Learn about the new default recommendations for Vue projects.

Use Supabase Auth with Vue.js 3 Use Supabase Auth with Vue.js

👉 A tutorial on how to set up a Vue.js 3 application with Supabase Authentication for managing access to your data.

Testing Vue Components With Cypress Testing Vue Components With Cypress

👉 Cypress now supports component testing in addition to E2E testing.

👉 In this article, you'll learn what it is like to work with Cypress component tests with Vue.js.

I Wrote My Own Vue.js

👉 Nathan accidentally wrote his own poor version of a solved problem

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