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An URL Object Working on Both Server-Side and Client-Side in Nuxt

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Nuxt Tip: An URL Object Working on Both Server-Side and Client-Side

Sometimes you need access to the current URL object in your Nuxt application. For example, you might want to get the current path or query parameters.

If you are using SSR (Server Side Rendering) your code will be executed on the server and the client. This means that you need to make sure that your code works on both the server and the client. For example, you can't use the window object on the server.

A simple workaround is to add an if statement to check if the window object is available:

<script setup lang="ts"> if (process.client) { console.log('Client href', window.location.href) } </script>

This works but it's not very elegant. It would be better if we could use the same code on both the server and the client.

Luckily, Nuxt provides a helper function called useRequestURL that returns a URL object working on both the server side and client side:

<script setup lang="ts"> const url = useRequestURL() </script> <template> <p>URL is: {{ url }}</p> <p>Path is: {{ url.pathname }}</p> </template>

Try it yourself in the following StackBlitz playground:

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