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About this newsletter

Welcome to my Vue & Nuxt Weekly newsletter, your go-to source for all things Vue.js and Nuxt.js!

I'm Michael, the founder, designer & engineer behind this newsletter.

Some years ago, I started posting technical content on social media.

Each week I collected the best posts about Vue & Nuxt and scheduled them for my social media channels. I quickly realized that this work could be re-used for a newsletter.

That's why I built Weekly Vue News! My mission is to make sure that you stay up to date about new features, best articles and tools in the Vue & Nuxt ecosystem!

This newsletter is 100% independent and has no affiliation with, nor is it endorsed by, the official Vue.js or Nuxt.js teams.

This independence allows me to maintain the integrity of the content and ensures that my recommendations and insights are driven solely by my passion for these remarkable frameworks.

- Michael Hoffmann

Michael Hoffmann
Newsletter Curator Michael Hoffmann